Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday...Changeable Frame and Free Valentine Art

I LOOOVE free printables! Nothing is more exciting than coming across a new printable to decorate my house...for FREE! It really is one of the greatest things about creative blogs.

One of my favorite pieces I have made, is a simple frame that I use to display a different printable each holiday. It is such a useful piece! It started as an outdated frame with an old painting inside. It wasn't attractive, but it had great shape to it. So I took it apart, primed it with Rustoleum primer and then a coat of Rustoleum Dual Coverage Heritage White.

Since the inside had been a painting, I replaced it with a piece of cardboard. I took an old box and gave it a coat of spray adhesive. I placed a piece of burlap on top and smoothed it down. Next, I measured the inside opening of the frame to find the size of cardboard I needed.

I used a ruler and rotary cutter to cut out my burlap covered cardboard piece.

Next I simply ran a bead of hot glue along the inside of the frame and then pressed the cardboard into place.

I finished off the project by hot gluing a magnetic bull nose clip onto the top of my cardboard piece.

I love this piece because it is so easy to change what this frame holds. It is a great place to showcase a special paper from school or a sweet note written by my kids. You can change it every day and it requires practically no effort at all. It is fabulous!

If I did another project like this one, I would change one key component. Instead of using cardboard, I would use a piece of metal flashing. I would still cover it with burlap, but it would take away the need to glue the magnetic clip into place. This would make the project more versatile.

Just look how it looks for Valentines Day...

I LOVE it! This awesome printable was posted on Honeybear Lane by another creative Heidi. She even has it available in 4 different colors! Really? A fabulous FREE printable with 4 different colors? I must be dreaming! Head on over and check out Honeybear Lane. Thanks Heidi!

I can't wait to show you another project tomorrow. It uses the red felt hearts from my Target Christmas clearance find and adds a nice pop of color to this section of my cabinet. See you tomorrow!

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  1. I love the way this looks. I realize it's a really simple idea - but sometimes I just need to SEE it to get inspired!! Thanks for sharing!!


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