Monday, January 9, 2012

QUICK! Valentine Photo Wall Update

I was looking for a new way to bring a little bit of Valentine cheer to our house. Something quick and easy. Something that anyone could do with very little effort. After a quick look around Michaels craft store, I brought home this little package:

It is a package of paper hearts marketed for scrapbooking, but it had much more ambition shinning back at me.

Do you remember my gallery photo wall? I wanted to perk it up with a little bit of LOVE. I put my new Valentine Upholstery Tape Banner hanging just beneath the photo wall. But it needed more. Who wants a little bit of LOVE?

I thought I would tape a few of the hearts onto the frames already on the wall. It required even less work. K & Company already has adhesive on the back of the hearts! Just peel of the paper and press them down. It was that simple. In about 2 minutes we were greeted with a wall of LOVE! Two minutes! And isn't that what a family photo wall really is anyways...a wall of LOVE? Why not feature your LOVE?

Just look how LOVE-ly it looks:

The details can't really be appreciated by photos. It is one of those things where you need to see the details in person. It is just so sweet. The price was sweet too. $3.99 for the entire pack of hearts. I still have half the pack of hearts left to use on another project. I also used a 40% off coupon, so I only paid...$2.39. Quite a lot of LOVE for so little money.

This little Valentine is a free printable. It is so simple and classic...the perfect Valentines Day card. It comes in a set from The Rubber Punkin. Hop on over and print out your own Valentine's! They would be adorable to use for your child's school Valentines. They are much cuter and more thoughtful than a cheap box of Valentine cards...but they are still cheap. Seriously, go check them out!


  1. I think you gallery wall is just lovely. The hearts add a little something special and fun too.

  2. visiting you from tatertots and jello. great idea! looks like an easy way to bring your photo wall into the new season.

  3. I'm sharing your scripture love in a frame today on my blog...However, I think I messed up your link? Could you send me the link to that specific craft? Thanks, Michelle


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