Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine Heart Felt Garland

Remember when I bought all of these hearts on clearance at Target? I knew that I wanted to make garland from them. I have seen several people who made garland from the same hearts, but they have all been in the bright colors.

I went classic. I bought all red hearts. Something that I figured I would never lose interest in for Valentines Day. Blue and green hearts...yeah, I would donate those quickly. Red hearts...those can go the distance.

Should I really be worried about keeping these decorations long term? I did pay only 10 cents for 3 hearts. Kind of ridiculous to worry about it. In reality, the red just appealed to me more than the bright colors.

This was a really simple project. I took the hearts and cut off the gold hangers they had attached to the top. Next I took out a stash of black ribbon and tied a piece connecting two hearts. Then I moved on to the next heart and repeated the process. It would be a perfect project for the kids!

Here's how it looks hung on the fireplace:

The details are elegant, yet it is all very simple.

I made another one to hang inside my white cabinet.

If you weren't lucky enough to find these on clearance at Target, there is another option. Michaels has a similar product for sale now, but on a grand scale. They have large heart felt cut outs that are marketed as chargers to put under your plate. I saw them the other day and I think they may be a perfect match...only big. They would make a great Valentine piece! I may have to go and pick some up myself.

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  1. Love your Garland! It looks great:) I love when I find deals like that at Target!


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