Friday, January 6, 2012

Valentine Upholstery Tape Banner

Have you ever used upholstery tape? I purchased some from JoAnn Fabrics before Christmas, and I had big plans for it...but never got around to using it. Now that it is almost Valentine's Day, it is SCREAMING at me. PLEASE make me into a Valentine's Day project!! Just look at the cute red stripes...

I decided to make a Valentine's Day banner. I started by cutting out stencils from sticker paper with my Cricut machine. I think they could be easily made with large rubber stamps too. I used some black acrylic paint from Martha Stewart to fill in my letters. I was careful to press my stickers down really well on all of the edges. It is important to not use too much paint on your brush. It is also important to dab the paint on, not brush it on.

After my letters were painted, I cut the bottom of each piece.

I love it already. After I cut the first piece, I used it as a template to cut each of the additional pieces. This way I had fairly similar angles on my cuts.

I took my first piece and folded the top edge over to the back side (folding it over a piece of twine). I used a line of hot glue and pressed the back down into place. This formed a sleeve around the twine.

For the next letter, I laid it beside the first one to figure out where to fold it. I did this with each of the letters, which allowed me to have consistent sizes for all of my pieces.

Just look how cute it is!


  1. LOVE upholstery tape! Your banner is fabulous!

  2. Looks so awesome - I wish I wasn't on a craft supply buying moratorium . . .


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