Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Decorations

I like to change up the decorations in our house with the seasons. I feel it is fun and festive, but lets get real...our weather pretty much doesn't change around here. I need the decorations to remind myself that the seasons have changed. Here is a tour of our Halloween decorations. Be warned, there are a lot of pictures here.

A couple antique books, an aged bucket, a crow from the Dollar Store, one of my "Boo" flags made from burlap, a plastic spider and some white pumpkins...simple but I looooove it.

These lanterns are HUGE...you really can't tell from the pictures. They were 75% off at Target several years ago from the outdoor section. Another Dollar Store crow is perched on top of the window molding.

This piece was made from a cheese platter I found for $3. The pedestal was a lamp that I found in the Dumpster with my dumpster mirror. I liked the shape and paint makes anything uniform. A dab of Gorilla Glue is all it took to combine the two pieces. The letters inside are old printing blocks that spell "Heidi."

The spider hanging off the lamp came from the Dollar Store...I think it is so cute!

Sparkly skeletons are a good compromise for the creepy stuff my kids wanted and a Mom who isn't into creepy. The antique jar is full of stones from our trip to Talkeetna, AK this summer. The wood disks under the spider were "won" on a trolley tour. They are a sweet reminder of a great afternoon with my Mom.

No big, bright orange pumpkins here. I have a pretty neutral Halloween pallet. The orange pumpkins are outside...I've got all white ones inside. It seems beachy to me. Is there such a thing as Beachy Halloween? Let's take a closer look.

This is my "Tiny Treasures Shelf" that I made. I took out most of the shells and traded for a few pumpkins. The crown on top was a birthday gift from a dear friend. Thanks K!

This Y is from an old store front sign. It was red, but I painted it Rust-Oleum Heritage White...surprise, surprise. Another Dollar Store crow is perched on top. I wish I could get my hands on more of these guys!

This pumpkin also came from the Dollar Store. I painted it black last year, but wanted a bit more from it this year. I hot glued twine to the stem to make it look more realistic. I took tag board letters, painted them black and covered them with glitter. Boo! You can't see it from across the room, but up close it is beautiful.

All three of these pieces are from Yard Sales or Thrift Stores. I think the basket might be an old golf ball carrier for a driving range. Ok, I really don't have a clue, but that is the story I gave it.

The "Pumpkin Patch" sign originally came from Marshalls for $10...or so the price tag says. I got it for free last year after Halloween because the Thrift Store was getting rid of it. Score!

The bicycle for two was found at a Yard Sale for a couple dollars and I don't think I will ever get rid of it. Up until this summer, my little guy and I rode one of those everywhere. Now he is all grown up and rides his own bike. This piece is a special reminder of many hours that we spent together on that bike.

I even added a little Fall banner to the front handlebars.

The fabric tie is a strip cut from an old set of curtains. I used the same fabric outside on my Boo Banner and my Creepy Chair that are on the front porch. I am planning to make some new pillow covers to go on the couch with the same fabric.

I loooove those little white pumpkins!

This frame I found at a Yard Sale last week for $1. It was gold and just old looking. A quick coat of black spray paint and a little spider accent were all it took to fit the Halloween photo.

These are votive candle holders from TJ Maxx. I didn't want to spread them all across the cabinet, so I stacked them on top of each other instead.

This mailbox is from Pottery Barn Kids. It used to be red, but I painted it black to be useable in our house year round. Right now it is holding my sons flash cards for school. The spider container is a candle from Home Goods. It is Hazelnut and it smells like amazing Fall treats have been baking.

I had to keep some of our beach stuff out since we do live at the beach. Some of our sweetest memories have been collecting these sand dollars. These dollars are priceless! They are held in a creamy white fruit bowl. It was $1 and used to be an ugly brown...aaah...Heritage White. It can solve so many decorating faux pas. Maybe it is priceless too.

This was a great find at the Pottery Barn Outlet. I had wanted one for ages, but just couldn't bring myself to justify the price tag. When I found it at the outlet, I knew it was coming home with me! Usually it holds paper for drawing and my kids artwork. It is their own little gallery. Right now it is full of spooky photos.

Last year we had a spoooky photoshoot one afternoon.

I gave the kids some of our Halloween decorations and let their creativity flow.

These pictures were what I was most excited to pull out and display this year!

I know you can't tell with all the crow decorations, but I don't like birds. I really don't like birds. You have no idea how creepy this picture is to me!

Hope you enjoyed a tour into my world. How are your Halloween decorations coming along?

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  1. I love your Halloween decorations! Great work!

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