Thursday, October 13, 2011

Luggage Crate End Tables

I have a dear friend that many of you may know. His name is...Craigslist. Yes Craigslist is a guy. is Craig's List not Cathy's List. Oh how I love Craigslist. I can not even begin to tell you how many things in my home have come from there. Ok, I could actually count, but you might think I was crazy!

One of my favorite finds were a pair of interesting end tables. They caught my eye because they looked like square luggage trunks. They looked great...ugly color, but great shape. There was no need to think. I saw them and I wanted them. I emailed right away. Besides, I believe I paid $20 for the pair!

Forgive me for the lack of photos. This was before I actually started a blog, so this was the "I better take one in case I decide to start a blog someday" photo.

When I went to check them out my first surprise was that the tables are metal. Interesting. It is not what I expected at all. It is a metal covering over a wood box. It didn't phase me though, I loved the shape and I knew I would paint them. Besides, the brown was...well...not very attractive. I don't know who started the whole orangey-brown furniture phase...but, note to is not a good look.

The second surprise was that one of the tables also had a leg that fell off. I think the girl thought this would be a deal breaker. No problem! That was why someone out there was kind enough to invent Gorilla Glue!

Do you see some of the details? It is like a steamer trunk. In my mind I could envision a long trip across the ocean coming to America...all their possesions packed into these two trunks. Well, that was until the girl said they were bought a few years ago at a local furniture store. No...nooooo...don't tell me! I don't want to hear it. I like my version of their heritage much better!

All I did to lose their dreary look was to paint them. First, I sprayed a coat of Rust-Oleum Double Cover Primer. After it dried, I sprayed Rust-Oleum Double Cover Heritage White Satin. What else would I have used? Once this was dry for a few days, I took my power sander and roughed up a few edges to give it a more worn look. What do you think?

I have gone back and forth about giving them more detail. In the summer I like the simplicity. Now that it is fall, I am back to thinking maybe I would like to paint a postage mark like they really have some history. Any suggestions?

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