Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Knock-Off's

I have seen some awesome Halloween projects all over blogland this weekend. On Saturday was adding some Halloween touches around the house. Of course, I got distracted by the call of the computer and just had to check out a few of my favorite blogs.

Have you ever had a crafting "Aha Moment?" Do you know what it is like to see an idea and know it needs to be in your house and it needs to be there right now? That magical moment when an idea hits your brain and you know just how you want to tweak a project you've seen to make it right for your space. When you know you have all the supplies and could do it right this moment. I literally jumped off the couch and flew into action when I saw these two projects. I grabbed my supplies and went right to work...yep...two projects at once!

The first was a project found at While He Was Napping. She has "Spooky Specimen Art" that I knew would look great on my photo wall. I have a wall of cream frames, so I wanted to stick to that look. I would have loved this even better with a black frame for Halloween, but I wanted to keep the wall uniform. Uniformity won out. Here is what I created for my wall:

It couldn't have been easier. I used the larger frame from the Dollar Store combo pack I used in the "Boo" project. I used spray adhesive to mount burlap to the backing of my frame. While I had it apart, I sprayed my frame with Rust-Oleum Dual Coverage Primer and then a coat of Rust-Oleum Dual Coverage Heritage White Satin. As soon as this had set for 20 minutes, I assembled my frame so I could position my spiders. I hot glued them into place, and work was done! I literally waited longest for the paint to dry! What a quick project and I absolutely love it.

While the paint was drying on the frame of my spider art, I begun my second project. It was found at Landee See, Landee Do. I immediately loved it...and it is a FREE printable! What is not to love? I ran over to the printer and made myself a copy. I wanted this to also go on my photo wall and I had just the frame for it.

I am going to admit something...this frame has been hanging on my wall empty. Yep, empty. I found it at a Thrift Store awhile ago. No offense to the artist, but it was framing a painting that had seen its day. Those are actually my favorite pieces. They are usually beautiful frames that no one pays attention to because they are seriously dated. With a little bit of paint they are just like new! Actually, they are usually better than anything I would be buying new.

I measured the opening of my frame to figure out what size to cut my new back. This was really simple and made with supplies I had on hand. I used spray adhesive to mount a piece of burlap to some scrap cardboard.

I started cutting the cardboard with a pair of scissors, but it wasn't giving me a really smooth cut. Don't read this part if you are a serious sewer...I decided to try using my rolling fabric cutter. I am sure it is quickly dulling my blade, but I was ok with that. It gave me a really nice, smooth cut. Beautiful!

I took my glue gun, which was already heating for my spider frame, and glued the cardboard piece into the frame.

Next I hot glued a magnetic bull nose clip to the burlap. I can easily change out anything inside the frame! Since I didn't have glass with this piece to begin with, I figured this was the perfect frame to try some easily changeable artwork!

Next I took my spider printout over to my stash of scrapbook paper. I didn't have quite the orange I was hoping for, but it was good enough...this is actually surprising to hear myself say. I usually need just the exact shade. I will admit, it feels good to be using up what I have. I also pulled out a black and white polka dot piece. I cut the orange piece slightly larger than the spider print. I cut the black and white piece slightly larger than the orange piece. The sizes needed will depend on the size your spider print is.

This will create a nice layered, matted look when each of the papers are glued together. I loved the look! All that was left was to clip the new print to its new home.

I can't get over how cute this is! I especially like it since we have spiders on our front door wreath, our front porch Halloween chair and scattered throughout the family room...I guess it is kind of our theme this year.

I am holding my breath that someone will create the perfect Thanksgiving printable to hang here when Halloween is over!

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