Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday...Halloween Teacher Gift

My daughter is in the 3rd Grade this year. Oops! According to her Spelling Dictation Test last week that should have said "My daughter is in the Third Grade this year." See, even Mom can learn something in 3rd Grade! She wanted to take a little something to her teacher to show her some love. This is what we started with:

I found the 3 at the Dollar Store. I can find them there occasionally. They are usually random letters and numbers, but sometimes they fit my needs perfectly. When I saw the 3 this summer, I knew it would make a great teachers gift at some point this year.

I used the number 8 last year for my daughters birthday party. I hung them with ribbon from the back of the chairs. It was really cute. I have a couple of 6's to use for my son's party at the end of the month. Apparently this is a great year to use numbers for my kids. When I am done with the 6's I will save them for my daughter and they will be 9's! I am VERY excited for the double use!

The first thing we did was coat the 3 with Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint. I didn't end up using this as a chalkboard so this was an unnecessary paint choice, but I wanted it black and that's what I had on hand at the moment.

The plan was to use these basic products:

She LOVES to do anything artsy. That's my kind of girl!

We used Making Memories rub on letters to put her teachers name on the bottom of the 3. I like how the white letters look like chalk. You can see in the next picture where we were going to write some more, but it just didn't look good. I thought we would be able to paint right over it and it would be "erased." Hmmm...not so well. That is where we improvised our plan a little bit.

I should have taken a photo before I put the ribbon on, but there is a bulldog magnetic clip that we hot glued right on top of our mistake! Problem solved! We attached a wallet sized picture of her class from picture day. They were making funny faces. Good choice for Halloween...and it is black and white to make it more spooky. (That was my daughter's opinion of black and white photos!) We also included a black frame with a larger sized photo of the class in the same silly pose.

We stuck it in the bag upside down so the picture wouldn't get messed up. We decided to include the spider in the bag instead of attaching it to the 3 so it could be used year round. Ms. Smith can hook the spider on there now if she wants.

I hope she enjoys her "Spooooky Surprise!"

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  1. I'm all about creative teacher gifts, and that's a keeper. The spider gives it a fun extra touch, or make that extra credit!

  2. Super cute teacher gift! One that will be fun to hang and use:)


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