Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Finished Product for our "Boo!" Treats

Yesterday was a crazy day here in Southern California...we actually had rain. In the morning, I saw a woman walking her dog wearing gloves and a scarf! Yep, we must be in full winter mode around here. In her defense, the weather had dropped to a blustery 65 degrees! And in the afternoon I got an email that my daughters practice was canceled due to the still hadn't started raining. is a lifestyle like nowhere else! Obviously I couldn't get to the store and finish my "Boo!" project yesterday...the world was coming to an end around here! Obviously. (This is what my kids call my sarcastic voice.)

Today, now that we are back to sunshine, I made it to Target to purchase these:

I ended up using less than one $2 bag of filler. The buckets were from the Dollar section. They are covered in black glitter and really highlight all the glitter parts of this project. I added a few Lindt Lindor Truffles to finish it off. Just look how cute these are!

The kids are so excited to go sneaking around to drop these off tonight!

I hope our friends enjoy the treats and passing along the fun to more people!

We went to deliver our treats tonight, and I will was really fun. I don't think I have snuck around like that since I used to TP my friends in High School! The best house was the last one we went to. They were home and we hid behind their car in the street and watched them open the door and discover their goodies. It was awesome to see their faces...and amazing that the kids didn't giggle or give away our hiding place!

My daughter's thoughts: "It was very fun and adventurous. I liked how we could surprise people. A little boy was looking to see who 'Boo'd' them. Their Dad said 'Thanks Boo!' I even got to do it tonight with my best friend! First we 'Boo'd' them and they ended up coming with us. I thought it was a little bit silly running in the dark and watching my friend crouch up to the door. I hope we can do it again sometime soon!"


  1. We have done this for years in our neighborhood, especially when the kids were little. It was really fun. My daughter just started it in her neighborhood with her kids. Of course we never did it with as much style as you show here. You are reall creative and what a fun mom you are.

  2. My little one loves to "Boo" the neighborhood. We kick this tradition off every year. YOUR idea takes the cake!! Love everything you created. And it looks tres chic!! Thank you for sharing all the details. Happy I found your post. (TT&J)
    Looking forward to more of your creative ideas.


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