Friday, October 7, 2011

Lots & Lots of Yelling!

Ok, I'm not going to lie. There has been a lot of yelling and screaming in my house in the last few minutes! Nope, no one is in trouble. Nothing is wrong. I just got an email that said I had been "featured" at House of Hepworths! Yep...I've been featured! I am only 3 weeks into this blogging adventure and this is what you work get noticed. Yippeee! This is a GREAT Friday afternoon!

Make sure you go and check out all the other great projects listed at House of Hepworths. They have some really cool Halloween ideas. I wish I had a green front door so I could make the Frankenstein front is so cute!


Happy Friday!!

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  1. Congratulations Heidi! I just found your blog via "tatertots and jello" and I simply love your "boo kits"! No wonder you were picked. I'm seriously thinking of surprising some of our neighbors. I'm pretty sure they would now it was us though ;-). Halloween is still not so popular here ;-). Have a great weekend - maks :)


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