Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Burlap Pillow

I have seen a million different burlap pillows out there in blogland. I love them, especially for a natural looking room. It goes great around our house for pretty much the whole year. It works perfect for the beach look and perfect for Fall. You really can't go wrong with burlap.

Here is what I started with:

I got lucky. My friend was trying to unload a bunch of pillows from her business. I think I paid $5 for the pillow form and the cover. It isn't worth me trying to do it myself for that price! She did personalizing on them, but I wanted to do that part myself. I wasn't sure what I wanted on the pillow and it was in my house for a few weeks before I did anything with it. But one day it just NEEDED to be done...immediately.

I took out my Cricut machine and cut out a stencil from a sheet of vinyl. Actually, the pillow is long, so I made two stencils to make it the correct length. I used a fairly dry sponge with white paint and dabbed it to fill in the space. I didn't bother with fabric paint, since I won't be washing the burlap...just regular acrylic paint.

I didn't even wait for it to dry. I immediately pulled off the vinyl to see my finished product. I love it! I think when we get to Spring & Summer I will add a white starfish to the top right corner. Cute, fast and easy! I'm wishing now that I had bought a bunch from her to make for Christmas presents!

Here is another burlap pillow that I made for my little guy:

He loves sharks. LOVES sharks! So when I asked him what he wanted his pillow to say...Shark Diver! Same exact process, but with white burlap and colored paint. He only has one complaint...it isn't cozy. Yeah, I don't blame him...not a pillow you really want to snuggle with. Eventually I will have to redo this so he can be a happy, snuggly guy. But for the time being, it is still quite cute.

So the burlap disclaimer for the day: it is really cute and quite fashion forward at the moment...just make sure you aren't planning on really using it!

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