Monday, October 24, 2011

Day #1 of Bird-Day Week: Invitations

It is going to be a crazy week around here. I feel like we have been infected with some sort of bird related disease! Everywhere you look in our house it is birds, birds, birds...Angry Birds. Tomorrow is my little man's 6th Birthday...he decided this summer he wanted to have an Angry Birds party. This is a serious act of love on my part...I don't like birds. I REALLY don't like birds.

Have you had a child with an you just couldn't find party goods for? It seems to be pretty standard around here. We've had so many birthdays that were centered around themes that just didn't have things you could buy. I have gotten pretty good at finding alternative shopping sources. Not to many trips to the party store around here!

Angry Birds is hugely popular, but they are just beginning to market their products in areas other than the video game. Putting together a birthday party has not been the easiest task. Etsy is the perfect place to start! Just in case you don't already shop need to go and take a look. Especially for the Christmas can find anything and everything there! And if you don't see what you are looking for, chances are, someone will be willing to make exactly what you want! Just ask.

I found our invitations through The Invitation Peeps on Etsy. Krissy is absolutely the sweetest! I had my proofs really quickly and she was very helpful when I found myself with a computer problem. You can choose between two options for your invitations: she will print 10 and mail them to you with envelopes or you can choose to receive a digital copy and print them yourself. Since my son couldn't decide who he wanted to invite, I went for the digital copy so we would have more time to nail down the important details.

**The blur on the bottom of the invitation is from my blurring out my phone number on the invite. Her work is flawless!**

I chose to print out four copies of the invitation per piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. I cut out those copies and matted them onto a white paper and then a black paper. I like the layered effect. I purchased a pack of 20 red envelopes from Michaels and we were all set.

I also purchased the 1 inch Angry Bird Bottlecap Images from Krissy. I printed out the Red Bird image on a sticker sheet and cut it out with a 1 inch circle punch. Look how cute this favor is!

I will admit, I did take a trip to the party store and I found these lollipops over near the Baby Shower section. They are from Wilton and come with premade Thank You stickers or blank labels you can print with your own words. This was easier said than done. I followed the directions and tried multiple times, but I was not successful. I like the idea they have, but it is just not user friendly. I also put in an email addressing my problem and have not heard back from them. Which again, proves why Krissy was awesome...almost instant customer service! THANKS KRISSY!


  1. Heidi, these looks fantastic! I love to see my designs in action!! I am just catching up with your Bird-day week projects and I am just amazed at the creativity! Keep up the inspiring work.. I will be following your blog hoping to get some inspiration to tackle some projects of my own :)

    Hope Jake has a GREAT party this weekend! Thanks SO much for the nice feature!


    1. Hello, Heidi & Krissy!

      I want to start off by saying that you did an amzaing job with the whole party decor. Kudos! Krissy those invites are absolutley perfect for my son's birthday theme. Needless to say what the theme is. Angry Birds! To say he loves Angry birds would not even begin to describe how it is. Yeah, that much. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across your Ball Game pin on PINTREST not to mention my "squeal" when I saw your amazing invitations. :) I went on to click your link Heidi, for Krissy's Etsy profile but it sais it was no longer available. SO I searched for her on Etsy and I can't seem to pull that either. Please, please help me!

      *sigh with a tear* I don't have access to any of the options its giving on here to send my post and receive a reply so Im just gonna give you my email. Hopefully I'll hear from you soon. Thank you guys so much!


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