Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday...Featuring A Guest Artist

My daughter came home from school a few weeks ago with the opportunity to enter an art contest. Art is what she loves. Any kind of art. She could care less about most toys, but her art supplies may be some of her most prized possessions. She is constantly drawing. Drawing and writing. It's probably why she is so proud of my blog...she gets it.

Our little town has Trick-Or-Treating on main street during the day. Yep, Trick-Or-Treating during the day! It is really fun. You can really admire the costumes and wee all of your friends. Some of the restaurants pass out free food. One of the hardware stores gives out quarters so the kids can get candy out of their gumball machines. The kids LOVE it!

The older kids at the Elementary School have the opportunity to submit a design for the contest. The design is for a Halloween painting for the store front windows. They want the design to be simple and still allow for sight in and out of the shop. My daughter was so excited to have the chance to try. And guess what...?

My little artist was asked to create her design on a store window. She is thrilled! Thrilled may not even describe it. She was beaming when I read her the letter. Her eyes lit up and I could tell she was so proud of her work. It was really sweet. Congratulations baby! I can't wait to see your work jumbo sized!

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