Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tiny Treasure Shelf

I am not sure what is more of the treasure here, the little items that will be on the shelf or the little shelf itself. I almost passed this one by. I can't believe it now, because I just love it, but I almost put this piece back. It was $1.91 and I almost didn't pick it up because I just wasn't sure. Really? That is practically shopping at the Dollar Store. I have to remind myself of that sometimes. Would I pick this up at the Dollar take it home goofball!

Ok, so this is what it looked like. Not quite as cute, and I think I was thrown by the white piece in the back. I have to remind myself to visualize it all in one color. Would I like it if it was a uniform color? I was pretty sure I would. And yes I do!

One coat of primer, one coat of Rust-Oleum Heritage White and a little bit of light sanding was all it took. It is so cute! I am assuming this will be a home for many ocean treasures. That is kind of where my brain went with it at first. A place for the kids to display their latest beach jewels.

However, I am currently trying to "de-beach" our home. Can that be a new word? De-beach? We live at the beach and are truly blessed to enjoy it all year round. I adore it here. This time of year is actually the best. The bulk of tourists have gone back home and we have empty beaches all to ourselves. It is delightful! We do however have to remind ourselves that it is indeed Fall. While the rest of you have beautiful changing leaves and crisp evenings with football...we need to be reminded that the seasons have changed. So our beach things are being put away for the most part and being replaced with the treasures of Fall. De-beaching.

So the beach treasures that were in there yesterday were gone last night. They have been replaced with tiny white pumpkins that I am sure you will see sometime in a later post.

Goodbye summer...

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