Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Front Porch Chair

Let's be honest. This chair is SCARY!!

I could have left this chair alone and it would certainly have brought the scary to our front porch! That wasn't quite what I was going for though. I found this chair last week for $4. I liked the style of the chair and I LOVED the price. I knew it could look better than it certainly couldn't look any worse.

I'm going to admit, I didn't redo this chair correctly. I barely sanded and I didn't prime. I just wanted instant satisfaction...I've warned you that I'm not patient. I wanted this on the front porch for our Halloween decor and I didn't want to wait to do it properly.

I removed the seat and wrapped it with a fabric scrap I had from an old set of curtains. I didn't add more padding, which the seat would have definitely needed if I were going to really use it. This seat was worn down to the wood foundation! After wrapping the fabric, I secured it with my staple gun. I gave it one quick coat of Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Black Gloss. I can't tell you enough times how much I love the coverage of this paint! I barely waited for the paint to dry before attaching the seat back on. I really am impatient!

I love how the look is really coming together of our "Cute Creepy" front porch.

At first glance it is all very cute, but with a closer look, just a bit creepy.

I really love the cost of this Halloween Front Porch. Most of the items were already at our house. I paid $4 for the chair, $2.50 for the wreath and $1 for the 3 pack of spiders used on both projects. Not a bad look for $7.50! I guess that doesn't include the price of the pumpkins, but with kids, aren't those "required" purchases? I don't think the pumpkins price really counts...what do you think?

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