Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday...Pencil Favors

Wednesday. I never knew a day of the week could sound so sweet. You know how Monday seems to strike fear into the hearts of most people? Wednesday is the exact opposite for me. Kind of like Friday for most, but it is even better. I have a 3rd Grader and a Kindergartner this year. Kindergarten is full day school here. Well, it hasn't been until this past Monday. They start out the school year slowly, so the kids get a chance to adjust. So until this week my little guy has been coming home at 11:35. Yes, that is a very short day of school. No, there is not much time to get things done. I have gotten a lot done this week, but I miss my little buddy.

Wednesday changes all the rules. Wednesday's are minimum days. All the elementary kids get out early. On Wednesday we are back to getting out at 11:35. Yippee! We get to ride our bikes home from school without being in a mad rush to make it to the other school for pickup. We get to have a Mommy Date for lunch. I get to hear about his day before he is exhausted. We get to pick up his sister early and have time to breathe before we rush off to our activities. Wednesdays are busy days, but we get quality time that sometimes is hard to come by on the other school days.

So on Wednesdays I am going to take time to celebrate being a Mom and post something that I have done with my children or for my children...something specifically relating to them. Wonderful Wednesdays. Time to reflect on these amazing children I have and what a gift they are each day. Time to share something that maybe you would like to do with or for your children too. Wonderful Wednesdays.

This is the world's most simple project. It is also incredibly versatile. It is also inexpensive. Simple, versatile and inexpensive...that sounds like my type of project! These were made for my daughter's last day of 2nd Grade:

These pencils came from Target and I loved the colors. LOVED the colors! I think they had 10 in a pack for $1. So for less than $3 I was able to give a treat to the entire class. I pulled coordinating scrapbook papers from my stash and ran them through the printer. I typed my words in the middle of the page and left several blank lines before repeating the text. Once printed, I cut the paper into strips. I brought the paper around the pencil and glued the two sides of the paper together with a glue stick. Then I cut the ends to finish it off. Simple!

Target has some really cute Halloween pencils in their Dollar Section right now. This would be really cute for Halloween treats...and I'm sure the teacher and parents would appreciate less candy. It would make a great welcome to the first day of school from a new teacher. Or "I'm glad we are in the same class" treat to share on the first day with new classmates. It would make great rewards for Sunday School or Brownies. I am thinking of doing this for my little guys birthday to take to school. The possibilities are endless!

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