Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday: You've Been Egged!

I am sure most of you have probably already seen this idea. I however, have been living under a rock for the past month. Ok, maybe not literally under a rock, but it sure seems like it. The Yearbook was that time consuming. Not only was I not blogging, but I wasn't blog hopping either. I had not seen a single Easter idea until this weekend! Not one. I know, it is sad.

On my first peak at Pinterest in a month...yes, my first look in a MONTH...I found this:

How cute is this sign? It is the Easter version of "Booing."

I knew I HAD to share it with the few people who may not have already gotten their hands on it. Would you believe it is a FREE printable? Free! Go take a look over at "eighteen25." I can not say THANK YOU enough for this fabulous idea and the adorable printable!! Thank you ladies!!

I knew what we needed. The Dollar Section at Target had really cute metal buckets, but when I got there, they had some I hadn't seen before. Look how cute these are:

I don't know why, but I was completely smitten by the wood bead on the handle. SMITTEN. See, the details really do matter to me. Yes, I know I am strange.

I mounted my FREE printable on a piece of polka dot cardstock from my paper stash and used the scraps to punch out tags for the buckets. I tied them on with the same ribbon I used to make a hanger for our sign. Ribbon I had won from a blog giveaway...a FREE printable and FREE ribbon. Yippee!

I was sure I could find eggs that coordinated with the colors of the printable, so I took it with me to Target. Remember, the beauty is in the details...coordinating colors matter. I found a pack of eggs that quite honestly just hadn't appealed to me before. I wasn't thrilled with the colors...until I held it next to my new favorite printable. They were practically perfect! I am wondering if they had the eggs and used them for their color pallet...

There were more colors in the bag, but I liked the look of these the best. I think the whole bag was $1.99...and there are a ton of eggs in there. Just look how great they are:

Could they be any cuter?

On the back of each of the name tags, I wrote a personalized note. I had my kids tell me what they liked about their friends. It was really sweet. It turns out we needed bigger tags to write all of the nice things. Ben, Anna and Halle...we think you guys are pretty amazing!

Instead of leaving the eggs in the baskets, we hid them all around their yard. Who doesn't love an Easter egg hunt?

These were some of the easy ones to find. The kids hid 24 eggs. I honestly have no idea where most of them were.

These were my helpers basking in the glory of their sneakiness. They were so nervous when we got there...but once they realized we were going to actually be able to hide all the eggs without getting caught...they were pretty funny.

We had so much fun planning the "attack." Thanks for your help Sadie and for coming along for the adventure! We didn't want to leave you out of the reward...

I hope you enjoyed being "Egged" too!

My only regret is that I didn't find this sooner. We have a lot of people we would like to have "Egged", but they are out of town.

IF your kids aren't on Spring Break yet, this would be a GREAT way to spread some Easter cheer in the classroom! You could hang the sign on the door when they are at lunch and hide a few eggs in each child's desk. Some kids might not be able to find the eggs in their messy desk! It almost makes me wish my kids weren't on Spring Break yet...almost.

Happy Hunting!

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