Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Egg Goody Bags

My daughters birthday was two days before Spring Break. Our school has a pretty strict policy about not bringing in cupcakes or sugary treats for birthdays. There are guidelines about what is acceptable and what is not. The most frustrating part is not being able to bring food made from home. No cupcakes. No cake pops. What is a crafty mom to do? It definitely makes it a bit more challenging to make the day special.

Of course you can always bring goody bags, but you know where those little things end up. My kids bring them home, usually leave them lying on the floor...and I put them in the trash. So when I have goody bags, I try REALLY hard to make it something that might actually get used. The added difficulty comes because I am so picky and they must color coordinate, look good and not cost a fortune. Yeah...believe me, it is not the easiest task.

I was thrilled to find a pack of Easter eggs at Target in shades of blues and greens. They are beautiful colors and my daughters favorite colors. I knew this was a great start.

Aren't they pretty? That is $2 worth of plastic eggs and a $2.50 basket from the "Dollar Section." Pretty cute. The eggs come in different sizes. The ones pictured are the smaller ones, but we used the large eggs for our goody bags.

We went to Party City to look for some "fillers." We took a bag of eggs with us, since I am a PICKY color coordinator. Believe me, I know it pretty much only matters to me, but it is the details that make things special. Even if people don't realize it or can't verbalize what makes an event special...trust me, it is the details.

I found these small bubbles in the clearance section:

They had paper wrappers that I knew would be easy to remove and the colors were pretty good. They also had just enough bubbles to cover everyone in her class. They were meant for us to take home!

We removed all of the wrappers that came on the bubbles and I pulled out my stash of scrapbook paper. I found a pattern that would work well and ran it through the printer to print out each child's name. I used two sheets of paper and a little bit of adhesive...

Aren't they cute? Who wouldn't appreciate the personalization? I know that the kids with unique names appreciated it! How often do you find personalized items for Gui or Raph? I know how hard it is to find them for Katelyn...so I can only imagine.

I took the bubbles and added them to a bag with the large egg. I probably should have put the bubbles in the egg and called it a day, but since they were so cute personalized, I wanted them to show. My daughter knew right away what she wanted to put in the boys egg...remember our Valentines? The boys LOVED the mustaches...so she knew they needed another mustache. The girls got cute ice cream erasers and each kid also had a few tiny chocolate eggs.

They looked ok, but needed one more thing...

What 3rd Grader doesn't enjoy a cheesy play on words? That is what makes them so EGG-cellent!

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