Friday, April 20, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week: Love Notes Mailbox

If you have looked around on my blog for awhile, you know that I love to recycle. It doesn't really involve turning in used cans and bottles, although we do that around here too. My passion to take something old and worn and turn it into something new and useful. I think I get a rush out of the recycling challenge.

That's what I did with this Love Notes Mailbox for my daughter's Teacher last year:

When I found this heart piece it was VERY 1980's country. No offense to anyone who finds that style charming, but it's just worn out to me. However, it was a solid wood piece and I knew it had potential.

I will admit, it sat in my craft stash for quite some time. With such limited crafting space around here, it was almost donated several times. However, some spray paint, adhesive, ribbon and some cute apple scrapbook paper was all this guy needed to freshen up. The best part? I had everything already here so it cost me nothing!

I figured this would be a great place for kids to tuck those little love notes they are always writing to their teacher. It would be a great reminder on those rough days...why do I teach? Our class was already writing several notes for other projects, so we filled the heart with a journal and pads of paper with her initial on them. Mrs. Marston, I hope you heart is always overflowing with love...and little love notes.

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  1. Love your teacher appreciation ideas and enjoyed exploring your blog. I'm your newest follower!!


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