Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week: READ Pillows

Our school has the most wonderful Teachers. Every year I have loved my daughter's Teacher...we have been really blessed. Last year was a little bit different though. I absolutely ADORED her! I would have literally hung the moon if she asked.

On the first day of school my daughter came home and told me how 5 people came in and said how lucky they were because they had the best Teacher in the world. I thought that was nice. It gave her an added boost of confidence that this was going to be a great year. Truth be told, my daughter was a bit bummed on the first day. We don't find out who our Teacher will be until the day before school starts. That afternoon we found out she wasn't in a class with her best friend, and she didn't get to be in the class with the male Teacher she really wanted. To add insult to injury...her best friend DID get the male teacher. It was a tough pill to swallow for a 2nd Grader!

In spite of her initial disappointment...she got the BEST Teacher. Last year was a tough year emotionally for my daughter. To put it simply, we had a lot going on. I could not have hand selected a better Teacher for her if I had an entire panel of Teachers to choose from. I know I'm not the only parent to feel this way. I am sure that every parent who is lucky enough to spend the year with her feels the same way. Her room was more like a home away from home than a classroom.

When Teacher Appreciation Week came I wanted to shower her with love, the way she had done with our children all year. I took a good look around her room and took some pictures. One of the things that stood out was a cute white bench in the reading corner. All it needed was a bit more cozy. It needed a soft place to land, like she had been for the kids. On a trip to Ikea, I found some solid green pillows for under $5...just the apple green I was looking for. I took them home and with a bit of fabric paint added just what the classroom needed. Look...

Mrs. Marston, you were truly a gift from God to us last year! I am so blessed to have had you looking after my little girl each day. You not only taught her lessons in school, but lessons in life. We couldn't have dreamed of a better Teacher. THANK YOU!

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