Friday, April 27, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week: Teacher's Journal

The children at our school are blessed. Each week they have a day where they go to "Specials." They spend time outside of their regular classroom rotating to Music, Art, Science, Computer Lab, Library and Literacy Support. These Teachers do not teach 25 children...they literally teach the ENTIRE school!

I used to teach and I know it is an incredibly demanding job. However, my point of reference was for a classroom of 25. I can't begin to imagine the demands of teaching an entire school! It is an incredible job and one that too often does not get enough appreciation if you ask me.

Last year, our class took some time to make gifts for the "Specials" Teachers. Too often they are overlooked during Teacher Appreciation Week...and that just isn't ok. So we spent some time in class creating several little projects.

One of those projects was a Teacher's Journal. We started with a cute little journal from the Dollar Section at Michaels. (The former Dollar Section...the $1.50 section is just not the same! Target has still managed to keep their Dollar Section...) It had some sort of gardening picture on the front, which really didn't apply...although...they do sometimes do gardening in some of those classes. However, it really wasn't going to work for us. So we created a place card to cover up the unappealing area. Look...

One sheet of white card stock was cut as the base mat, and a smaller black one for the top layer. I cut out initials for each Teacher from my Cricut machine and these were glued on the top. The kids glued everything on and wrote a little note to each Teacher. It was a simple and inexpensive project, but I think they turned out really cute for "Homemade Beauties By 2nd Graders!"

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