Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Budding Artist

I told my little guy last night that I needed to write a blog about him. He wasn't concerned, but I had written two about his sister this week...that just doesn't seem fair. I asked what he could do that I could blog about. His answer? He could give me kisses and hugs. Of course he melted my heart...he does that so easily...but how in the world would that become a blog post?

Today I realized I had something I had been wanting to share. My daughter has always been artistic. From the time she was teeny tiny it was pretty obvious she was all about art. My little man would do artistic things on occasion because his sister was doing it. I mean, who can resist paint? But it was never really his thing.

However, a few months ago that began to change. It started with this...

How beautiful is that flower? The best part is it has been bringing cheer to my kitchen for the past 6 months! Real flowers might last a week...this one is definitely better!

I think his interest in art really took off when he was given this picture.

He was given this picture from a 6th Grade boy. It is really cool boy art. Really cool. The artist actually made copies for a room full of Kindergarten boys...and they were in awe. It was after receiving this picture that my son's artwork really took off.

I think it might have been the first time he saw that art wasn't necessarily girly, but it could be rough and tough too. What little boy wouldn't find Ninjas vs. Army Men inspiring?

I had made a large...really large...framed magnet board. I had assumed that my daughter would use it for her pieces of art. Surprisingly it has turned into this...

...a giant display for my little man's constant flow of new pieces of art. That is what it looks like after I cleared off a bunch of papers. I can't think of the last time a piece of work came home from school that didn't have a new masterpiece on the back. Wait...I did have one piece this week...only because it was a two sided worksheet and there was not place for art. It really makes this art loving Mom smile. And so far I haven't had a complaint from his teacher, so I am hoping she doesn't mind too much.

I think this picture is really cool. I can't remember who he said it was, but it was a character from a cartoon. I think it is adorably boyish.

These are both drawings of me. The second one has a "fancy" hairstyle swept to the side...he thought that was really fancy.

This is a picture of a whole bunch of characters from computer games he likes. I like the Ninja looking guy the best.

These two colored pictures are Babies vs. Babysitters and Babies vs. Babysitters 2. I'm not exactly sure how he came up with the idea, but you should have seen his eyes sparkle when he talked about it! Buddy I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

And David, thanks for unknowingly inspiring my little man!

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