Monday, April 9, 2012

Locks of Love

For the last two years my sweet girl has been growing her hair out. Not because she was particularly interested in having long hair, but for a much sweeter reason. We follow the lives of two young children with cancer online...lives that have touched my daughters heart. Children whose young lives have been completely turned upside down due to cancer.

From the moment she heard of "Locks of Love" she was determined she would donate her hair. I thought it was a phase. I didn't give her enough credit. I thought when we were dealing with serious tangles, she would change her mind. We had a few nights with monster sized tangles. I didn't realize how much she understood. Tangles in your hair are inconvenience...nothing compared to the seriousness of cancer.

In the last year she has really begun to love her long hair. I had wondered if she would change her mind...or decide to wait two more years so it would remain long despite the donation. Today however, was the day...

I love her caring and compassionate heart. I love the way she loves so completely and selflessly. Today she simply got a haircut. I know it was nothing compared to the battle fought every day by children with cancer. But I must admit, I have never been more proud of my little girl. I love you honey!

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  1. I have tears in my eyes and chills on my arms!! So proud of that amazing little girl. She is so beautiful inside and out (especially with that darling haircut!!). You are an amazing momma.


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