Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday...Cute Robot Party Ideas

I want to share with you all some really cute products that are out there for little boys right now. My little guy has a thing for robots...I think maybe all little boys do. The Robot Valentine Pencils and Robot Valentine Mugs I made got my mind thinking about robots. So when I came across these Robot products at Michaels in the Dollar Section I was thrilled!

These are so cute for little boys!

Painting books that you just use with water...they are great...and only $1! They are the perfect starting point for a little boys birthday party!

They also had little bags of puzzles for $2. These would make really prizes for goody bags.

And more Robot pencils. Target has been out of theirs, but these are really cute too...and only $1. They also have matching pencil holders, larger erasers and magnetic sets.

And don't forget the mugs...they are $1 at Michaels. You can easily make your own coloring insert by shrinking down the pages in the paint book.

Enlarge the images on the paint sheets and make large decorations for your party. You could even take an enlarged image and make a "Pin the bolt on the Robot" game. The possibilities are endless!

I wish I had a reason to use these for a party, but I am planning my little girls party next and it is going to be ALL girl. If you use these for a party, please send me some pictures...I know it would be ADORABLE!

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  1. I absolutely love these robot party favour ideas!.. I am in the midst of planning my boys 5th birthday which is robot themed but I am in australia and cant find gorgeous stuff like this anywhere here :(


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