Monday, February 27, 2012

Craigslist Desk Drawer Transformation

I am waiting...not so my mailbox every day. Every day. EVERY day. I ordered some hardware for my desk...and well...I am starting to get very impatient. I want to finish the desk!!

Here is where my project is now...

I am loving it. Not as much as my daughter is though...she LOVES it!

Just look at these knobs...

Could they possibly be any cuter?

I know something that could be cuter. Check this out...

Yes, those are giant holes in the drawers. They are not cute. They are ugly. Ugly and frustrating. I want to finish the project. I found the perfect solution...I just need it to arrive in the mail. Aaah!

Please Mr. Mailman...make my day tomorrow and bring me my much awaited mail!

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