Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Eye Chart

Happy Valentine's Day!

As much as I was dreading trying to find something cool for 3rd Grade boys...we sure scored! The Mustache Valentines were a huge hit! You know you have done well when you see boys pouring out of the class with a mustache on their face!

For the girls, we went a different direction. As cute as I think the mustache's are, I thought not all the girls would like it. I say not all because at my daughters birthday party last year, almost all the girls ended up taking photos at our photo booth with a mustache! They were meant for my little guy and his buddy, but the girls thought they were cool. Who would have thought?

I found a really cool site online where you can personalize your own eye chart. Listen carefully because this name is hard to remember. Eyechartmaker.com. Ok, never mind, that is totally obvious. I however, must admit that every time I want to create something here, I google "personalized eye chart." Really? I can't remember to type in Eyechartmaker.com?

You can create a chart like at the doctors office, but you can make it say whatever you want instead of random letters. You do have to play with it just a bit to find the wording that works best to fit in the given space, but it is easy. Easy...FREE...and pretty cool.

Look what I made:

I think they are sooo cute! They say "You are a really great friend to me."

I picked up the red glasses at Party City in the individual party favor section. They are just 10 cents each! Not a bad price for this cute Valentine. 10 cent glasses + a FREE printable = my heart is all aflutter!

On the back I typed up a personal message for each girl. Personal touches always make things feel more special...and then there was no need to hand write any names! A double bonus!

The glasses were also a big hit! I wasn't as sure about these I must admit. I knew they were cute, but would they actually wear them? Want to know a little secret? I saw the "cool girls" come out of class wearing them. Yep...I'd say that this Valentine's Day was a success!


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