Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday...Dinosaur Valentines

I've had an unusually high need for little boy Valentines this year. I guess part of it is because my little man is in school for the first time. So today I am going to show you the Dino-Mite Valentines I made.

I am a big fan of gifting things that will be used for more than just one day. I also want something that won't just get thrown out, so the first part of this Dinosaur gift is food. Who doesn't want fun food for their kids? So when I found a box of Dinosaur macaroni and cheese I was thrilled!

Of course I couldn't just leave it as it was. Yes, I admit, I have a problem! First I printed out the words I wanted to use. I wasn't exact in where they were printed, but close to where I wanted them to be.

Next I used a piece of parchment paper (cause I couldn't find anything else that was see through)...

and traced out the area that I wanted to cover.

Next I cut out my "pattern" and placed it onto my printout.

I moved it around a bit to find where it fit my words the best and then traced around the pattern onto my printed page.

I cut out my words and used glue to stick it to the package.

It looks so much cuter already! However, I really didn't want it screaming Safeway, so I added a strip to the bottom of the box too.

I found a pack of plastic Dinosaurs at Target in the Valentine section. It was $2 for a bunch of them. I would show you what it looked like, but my little guy broke into those the minute we walked into the door. So, sorry, no picture. Since this gift was for multiple boys, I divided the dinosaurs into a "set" for each boy.

I folded a piece of red cardstock and stapled it to the top of each bag.

I mounted personalized cards for each boy and glued them onto the red cardstock (covering the staples).

I think they are adorable! What little boy wouldn't feel special with their own personalized goody bag?

I could have given them the bag as it was from Target, but I really believe that the details are what make a gift special and show your love. Not to mention, the added bonus: money saved! By making each bag personalized, I was able to open up the prepackaged container and distribute the dinosaurs between 4 little boys instead of them all going to one boy. $2 for a gift for 4 boys instead of spending $2 per boy. Special + Savings = A Happy Crafter!

The large bag is a bagged puzzle from Target. I thought it was a perfect compliment to the Dino-Mite theme. I hope the boys are as excited to open these Valentines as I was to make them.

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