Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dinosaur Match Game

I absolutely LOVE the Internet. Do you know how easy it is to search for ANYTHING online? In my quest for cute Dinosaur things to make into Valentines I did a lot of searching. Every time I went to a store, Dinosaurs were on my mind. I can pretty much tell you all the Dinosaur products that are in stores at the moment.

Searching for products online is so much better. Not to mention, a lot of times you can find what you need for FREE. Yep...for FREE!

Nickelodeon has a great website for their show "Dino Dan" where you can find all sorts of great FREE printables...Dinosaur printables. Just look what I found:

How cool is this? A Dinosaur Matching Game...for FREE! All I had to do was print them out. So simple!

Next, I cut the cards using my paper cuter, so I would have nice, straight edges. I chose to cut off the "Dino Dan" logo (sorry Nickelodeon!) cause the boys I made this game for don't watch tv.

They are so cool! It is fun, but really educational too. I haven't looked at Dinosaur names in a long time. Dinosaurs have CRAZY names!

They key to making this a great gift is the packaging. I placed the cards into a small bag that is sold for lollipops at Michaels.

I made a tag to place on the top of the bag to finish things off. So FREE!


  1. Thank you for this great tip! My daughter loves dinosaurs!

  2. Do you possibly still have the download for these? Nick Jr no longer has them on their site


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