Thursday, February 16, 2012

I thought Valentine's Day was over...

I am happy to say I have taken down all of my Valentine decorations. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Valentine's Day. It is one of my favorite holidays. I know a lot of people think it is a marketing gimmick, just a reason to get us to spend money. I don't agree. I think there is nothing more important than taking time to show others how much we love them. Do I think Valentine's Day is the only time to do this? Of course not. But it allows me to stop and consciously take time to show love.

Not to mention...I am raising a little boy. A little boy that I want to grow up and be unafraid to show love. A little boy that I pray will grow up to shower his wife and kids with love and affection all year...not just on Valentine's Day. The little boy who sees how valuable Valentine's Day is while he is young, will take that lesson with him when grows and one day begins his own family.

How do I know the traditions we share will follow him? Experience. My Dad used to give my brother and I a heart shaped box of Conversation Hearts every year for Valentine's Day. Every year. Nothing made me feel more loved than that box of candy hearts. Is it my favorite candy? Nope. But to this day, I still feel very loved when I see a Conversation Heart. Thanks for the lesson in love Dad!

So, the decorations are down and I secretly tossed out the leftover Valentine candy. (Yes I know, I am a terribly mean Mom.) I thought Valentine's Day was over. Until this...

Meet "Bob." I was working on a couple painting projects in the yard and my daughter asked if she could make us a snack. This isn't an unusual request. One of the ways she shows her love is by creating something for the rest of us in the kitchen. It is very sweet. However, when she brought out the snack tray, she was not alone.

I was greeted by "Bob."

"Welcome to Chateau de Brion." The name alone made me giggle. How many times do Mom's hear "What are we having for dinner?" My answer to that question is often...Chateaubriand for Two. Not that I am a gourmet chef or that my kids would be happy to eat it...I just know it is an answer that will make them laugh. I love to hear my kids laugh.

Let me tell you, nothing says you have arrived at a fancy restaurant like a tray of grapes & almonds...and a waiter named Bob.

I think "Chateau de Brion" and "Bob" are proof that the lessons of love are being learned. Today I definitely felt the love!

XOXOXO to my Chef and "Bob." I love you guys!


  1. Thanks for your thoughts/memories about Valentines Day. I have many friends of the mindset that its a useless commercial holiday. I agree that love should be shown more than one day per year, however, I agree its a great reminder for people to "stop and consciously take time to show love."

    As with any holiday, new traditions can be made within families (and do not have to include commercialized gifts). In our family, mushy gushy handmade cards & crafts are a big part of all holidays, especially Valentines Day!

  2. This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen! How thoughtful! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE his mustache growing abilities ;) CUTE!


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