Thursday, February 23, 2012

Craigslist Desk

Hi! I hope you have all been having a great week. I spent a few days in Disneyland with my family...which is why I have been MIA. Despite the massive amounts of construction going on around there, we had a great time.

I have been itching to show you all the latest project I have been working on. Take a look:

I love it! Ok, I know it doesn't look like much here, but just wait until I get my hands on it.

My kids have been sharing a room for the past 3 years. Part of living at the beach is having less space. It has been a trade off, but we have loved being here. My daughter has been dreaming and planning a room of her own. She even has a board on Pinterest for her new room! She's a girl after my own heart! One of the things she hoped to have in her new room was a desk like mine. So when I found this piece on Craigslist I knew it would be perfect. The price was perfect too...FREE! maybe you think this desk is looking cuter!

Not only was the outside a mess, but the inside was a mess too:

Don't worry, I did say hello to the 80's for you.

This has been a bit of a time consuming project, but it was definitely an act of love. I am waiting on a few pieces I special ordered, so you are going to have to see this reveal in bits and pieces. I hope you find it to be worth the wait!

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