Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Card Week: Owl Valentines

Look what I found in a Dollar bin at Michaels:

How cute are these? I LOVE it when I find a real treasure like this for only $1! I picked up the ink pads for $1 too, because the ink was a perfect match to the blue on the owl wings.

I have been addicted to owls for awhile. I think they are so cute. I know you've seen all the trends that have popped up in blogland and Pinterest. I think they are adorable!

Want to know a funny little quirky secret about me? I hate birds. Yep. Hate, hate, hate birds. They freak me out! I think it comes from being pooped on by a seagull as a kid...not quite sure. I do know I had the hatred long before a seagull attacked me at Sea World recently. Yeah...that was a hilarious site I am sure!

Long story short...I can't stand birds...but I love cute owl products.

Anyways, I thought these would make sweet Valentine treats for some of my daughter's friends. I love using non-holiday specific products t0 make gifts for a holiday. Who wants a bunch of heart stuff the day after Valentines Day? Not me...I am on to the next occasion.

Whooo will you give some love to this Valentine's Day?

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  1. The collection of all cards in my week are very large, I love this card collection act, i hope share me all new cards in yew years.


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