Monday, November 7, 2011

Day #9 Bird-Day Week Wrap Up: Angry Bird Party

This is the big party wrap up post! I will admit, I am glad not to be dealing with Angry Birds least for awhile. Just a warning, this post is HEAVY with photos!


I could not possibly be more pleased with the way the beadboard pennant turned out! It did exactly what I hoped it would hung beautifully despite the wind.

I also love, love, love the color my fence bunting brought to the party. I was surprised since the fence is white, just how much color it added to the party.

The big 6's were some of my favorite details. They are scrapbooking numbers that I found at the Dollar Store. Remember when I used the 3 for my daughter's teacher? These numbers are so versatile! I will be using the 6's again in about 5 months for my daughters birthday. They will be repainted, turned upside down and used as 9's!

It's the details that make the party. I just wish the pictures would capture all those details...

I love how the red frame turned out! It started out as a $2 blue frame straight from the 80's. A coat of Rust-Oleum Dual Coverage Colonial Red Gloss, and you would never know that frame started out at the Thrift Store! It is the same paint I used to cover the large and small 6's as well as the pinata. I think the uniform colors helps make everything flow smoothly for the eyes.

I also love the little detail of the wooden 6. Michaels has these great number and alphabet letters that I just adore. I have used them for so many projects. I used red ones on the table and the yellow one for a punch of color on the frame. These will also be reused for 9's in the spring. I love two for one detailing!

This smile is what made all the hard work worthwhile!


I wanted to have snacks for the kids that fit the Angry Birds theme. So...

Cream cheese mixed with green food coloring made our "Pigs & Crackers" snack. The red bird is on the card because I figured birds would be thrilled with mashed pigs.

"Pigs In A Blanket" featured a pig on the card because it sounded nice and cozy. The pigs would be tricked into thinking this was a good thing.

"Ham & Cheese Sandwiches" have the girl bird on the card, because she would LOVE to have the pigs made into sandwiches. No pigs and her eggs would be safe.

The yellow bird looked extra angry, so he was the one on the "Pulverized Pigs" snack card. Vanilla yogurt mixed with green food coloring was a big hit with the kids! Although...they had no idea what pulverized meant or why that was kind of funny.

There were a lot of other egg related choices that would have been cute: egg salad sandwiches, deviled eggs, a big pile of hard boiled eggs in a nest would be ADORABLE...but I thought they would probably not be big hits with the 5 and 6 year old crowd.

I think I could have attempted a cool 3D beak, with yellow, chocolate melts from Michaels. Maybe next time. I'm still proud of it for my first cake attempt.

I can't get over how cute these cupcakes are! I have got to give fondant a try!


My plan was to attach these baskets to a tree for a basketball type game with stuffed pigs. I would have had to nail the baskets and I was worried it would harm the tree. So we just tossed the pigs into the basket on the ground.

This game turned out to be one of the biggest "hits" of the party. Yes, the cheesy pun was intended.

Look at that concentration!

I love an action shot!

I still can't believe this game started with an old, worn out painting. It turned out so cute...and I love that it was FREE!

I took small Angry Bird stuffed animals that the kids had clipped to their backpacks and used them for the game. I just removed the backpack clips and they were perfect.

We also played several egg related games. I have some really cute action shots of the boys, but I didn't want to post their photos all over the you'll have to take my word for it. We had relay races, egg and spoon races...and one of the favorites of the day, the egg toss. It was pretty gross. Regular eggs being tossed from one team mate to the other. I was shocked at how many times some of the boys dropped their eggs and the egg did not crack! It was really pretty amazing.

My little guy was really excited about having a pinata. We stuffed it with Twizzlers (the red matched the color scheme), Twix (they look like the building blocks from the game), Pop Rocks (they are practically candy bombs), Sticky hands (just for fun), Angry Bird stickers and Angry Bird rings.

My Mom found the rings in the bakery department at her WalMart. They were really cute! I figured the boys wouldn't care about them, but they actually thought they were really cool.

I learned why people use plastic bats for hit was all it took for my little slugger to bust this guy in half! Maybe we should take a look into baseball this spring! I was glad I had the camera ready or I would have missed it!

One of his friends thought the pinata made a great hat!

I found these Angry Bird gummies at Fuzziwiggs about an hour before the party started. Thanks for the tip K!

I had this treasure chest to play a treasure hunt game. I was planning on having it filled with Easter eggs. However, the order that I placed with Oriental Trading Company got lost and they had no record of it. Weird. I was really bummed because they had adorable egg trophies I had ordered. I assume they are for Easter egg hunts, but I would have loved to have given them out to the winners of each game. Oh time I know to check up on Oriental Trading Company. Who knew? If you are having an Angry Birds party, I would definitely order the trophies! Just check up on them once you place the order!

This sweet smile and sparkling eyes say it all. I would say the Bird-Day party was a success!


  1. Everything turned out so awesome!
    Thanks again for sharing at Show & Share!

  2. Just a tip- if/when the rings break cut of the finger ring part and glue the design to a hairclip. Very cute! I did it with transformer rings on a whim and my teen nieces fight over them!


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