Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day #7 Bird-Day Week Continued: Beadboard Pennant Birthday Banner

I have a big problem. We live in an amazing place where we have the ability to have year round outdoor parties. I know, I are devastated for me. You are empathizing with my catastrophic problem at this very moment aren't you!?! You're not? What? Really?

Ok, I know I am blessed to live in such a lovely place and have the weather we have. It does create its own outdoor party problems though when it comes to decorating. There are so many lovely parties that I see posted in blogland that have adorable decorations. Transferring them over to a place with a constant ocean breeze...not the easiest.

I have a dear friend who spent A LOT of time and money making a beautiful banner for her little girls birthday. Only, she didn't get to use it because she couldn't get it to hang because of the wind. It was so frustrating. I was bound and determined to have a banner for my little guys party...but how?

I saw the cutest idea on another blog that I knew I needed to make my own. It was a beadboard pennant banner. It was adorable! Have you seen them? Korrie at Red Hen Home had them on her blog and I absolutely loved it!

I don't have a garage to work in and I have a limited supply of power tools. I know that the guys at the Hardware Store will cut things for me, but I felt that a whole stack of pennants was a bit much to ask for. I mean really...cut some straight lines...sure! Cut me 25 triangles...dream on!

So I went for the next best thing. I emailed Korrie and asked her if she would be willing to sell me some. Yep, I just went straight to begging. And guess what...she did! She sold me the pennants already cut and drilled. What a sweetheart! Thank you Korrie!! You are the best!

I asked for the unfinished pieces. My plan was to paint them with Rust-Oleum Heritage White Satin. I wanted to be able to reuse them for any party I wanted with a basic color that would go with anything. Next I used my Cricut to cut out letters from red scrapbook paper. I hot glued them with a few dabs of glue per letter onto the pennant. I will be able to easily take the letters off and reuse them for my next banner use.

I strung the pennants onto a piece of twine. The natural looking twine reminded me of material from a nest...or at least the closest thing I could come to in string form. When the pieces were all strung on, I tied a small piece of ribbon between each pennant piece for an added pop of color.

What do you think?

I absolutely LOVE the look of the beadboard! I just LOVE it. I can not thank you enough Korrie. And I did not have an ounce of trouble with the wind. I tied my banner between two trees and set up the table underneath. The pennants were heavy enough to hold their own weight when the wind came worked BEAUTIFULLY!

I had to give you a cropped photo, because I am not ready quite yet for the big Bird-Day party reveal.

Don't you want to get your own beadboard pennant banner? I'm telling you it is the new party "must have." You can use it for any party, it looks classic and it hangs beautifully even outdoors!

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