Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cheer Push Pops

My daughter's competition is two days and I am neck deep in green & white! I think I am dreaming in green!

Yesterday I made a really cute treat for the girls. It is really easy and super quick. Have you seen push pops that you can fill yourself? I am pretty sure the first time I saw them I heard angels singing! They are really that great.

I ordered a box of 100 because they were considerably cheaper per piece, and there are just SO many uses for these. I was planning on filling them with tiny chocolate chip cookies, but M&M's has great Christmas candies out right now. They are mint M&M's...which just happen to be red, green and & white...just what I need!

I assemebled the push pops, which are so easy your kids could do it. Filled the container with a mixture of green and white M&M's and put a lid on. That's about it!

I don't have a ton of pictures today, because we made these outside in the park while the girls were practicing yesterday. I should have taken pictures, but I was watching the girls. Sorry!

To make these extra special, I added a touch that just "pushes" the idea over the top. I ordered some cheer labels from Party Ink to put on the side of our push pops. I can not tell you how great this shop is! Go take a look and see how many adorable labels she has. You could make this idea for all year long with about a 5 minute shopping trip to her store...really, it is that easy! I also LOVE the fact that she can tweak just about anything she has listed to suit your needs. Her cheer stickers were not our teams colors, but she quickly changed that for no additional cost. Thanks Cat! You are amazing!

The only other thing I did was add two small ribbons to the bottom for an extra touch. Take a look:


  1. WONDERFUL you think these are age appropiate for Highschool cheer?

  2. Hi! These are definitely appropriate for High School girls. One of our assistant coaches was a Senior and she loved them. I had the stickers made by someone on Etsy. Just make sure the stickers are age appropriate and you will be all set!


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