Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day #6 Bird-Day Week Continued: Angry Bird Balloons

Have you seen the AMAZING Angry Bird mylar balloons that are out now? You haven't? Me either! I know in a few months this stuff is going to pop up everywhere, but at the moment it just doesn't exist. So what do you do when you want to throw an Angry Bird bash and you can't find balloons?

You buy plain, solid color mylars. Boring. I know. It sounds horrible. It sounds like the worst party ever. It looks...

...it looks BORING. A little festive...maybe. Boring, hum ho...definitely. I don't do boring and I was pretty sure that boring wasn't going to cut it for my 6 year old guy.

As mundane as these balloons may appear, I have a feeling some of you are going to want to know where to get them. I know you don't think so right now...but trust me...you will.

I ordered these online from Dalvay Delights. It is an eBay shop that has a great assortment of mylar balloons. There is nothing more frustrating than running around town looking for balloons that you just can't find. Well, maybe trying to find what you want, but having the color completely the wrong shade...that drives me crazy! I have found ordering balloons online to be an easy way to browse hundreds of choices and to find exactly what I am looking for.

While searching for Angry Bird party ideas, I came across this:

The Party Animal has a great set of Angry Bird printables that were made to put on latex balloons and they are FREE! You go to the website and print them out for FREE! Did I mention that they are FREE? They have several great ideas for an Angry Bird party on their website too.

I saw ideas to put the printables on goody bags and on latex ballons. I however, am a fan of mylar balloons. And I just thought that round mylar balloons would be an ideal shape for an Angry Bird. So, I printed out my bird and pig faces and cut them out carefully. Next I glued them to the mylar balloons with a glue stick. Yep, just glue sticked them on. I did have a bit of trouble with them coming off a bit when they were blowing in the wind, so I would probably recommend printing your faces on sticker paper.

Just look at this yellow bird...

Could he be any cuter? Really...how CUTE is this bird? I actually like the red bird the best.

I think it is the angry black eyebrows that get me. Even the pigs are cute...

I think they turned out absolutely adorable.

I love the giant blue 6. Let's face it, Angry Birds was the party theme, but the really important part was that he was now 6!

Do you like the nest balloon holder? The red bucket was filled with rocks to weigh it down. I have lost a number balloon previously because it wasn't weighed down enough. Those suckers hold A LOT of helium! Since I needed the rock weights to hold the balloons down, I covered the rocks with shredded craft paper. I decided that looked a bit nest like, so it would be the perfect place to hold some eggs.

Don't Angry Birds lend themselves PERFECTLY to being a mylar balloon?

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  1. What a great idea!!
    Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!!

  2. fun! we just blew up a bunch of the bird colors in latex at relatives sizes: a bunch of tiny blue ones, bigger yellows and reds, a little bit bigger black and biggest white and various sized green ones. The mylar and printables are awesome!

  3. i can't access the party animal website that has the free templates. any other way of getting them?

  4. I am looking for party animal website


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