Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday...Burlap Thanksgiving Pillow Covers

Look at this craft we did in our Brownies Troop last week for Thanksgiving:

Well, that was what I thought we would be making. I have learned that giving children art supplies, does not mean that they will make what you thought they would. They all have their own little Artist Imaginations, and it was fun to see what they created.

Katelyn, I love your persistence in working to get this just right!

Freedom wasn't a word that came to my mind to put on a Thanksgiving pillow, but I am now wondering why not? Freedom should be one of the first things I think of to be thankful for. Thanks Kassidy!

It never crossed my mind to use the foam brush to paint bold letters on the pillow, but I love how this turned out. It reminds me how we should love each other BOLDLY, with all we have...not holding back. Thanks Isabella!

Just look how important love is. It is not just stated once, but three times...with exclamation!

Sydney, I love the way you create with great care and detail. I think your pillow turned out better than mine! to create the way she wants to create. Free to worship. Free to speak what she wants to speak. Free...isn't that what Thanksgiving was originally about?

In the midst of all the preparations for Thanksgiving tomorrow, what can we learn from our kids? Take a moment to really hear them and listen to what it is they are truly thankful for. You may learn something.

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