Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wood Oar Wall Hook

I found this oar at the Thrift Store and knew I could make something fun for our house. We have a lot of nautical/beach themed decorations in our house...especially in the summer. When Fall arrives, I tend to pack a lot of it up until the spring, just so we have room to decorate for the Holidays. But we live at the beach, and some of our beach decor is just always going to be around. It is a way of life for us.

Look at the price tag...

Yep, $1.25! I wasn't sure where I would use it at first, but it ended up being for my daughter out of necessity.

Do you have kids involved in sports? Kids in sports mean awards. Trophies. Ribbons. Medals. My daughter has been cheering for the last two years. She loves it and it has been really great for her in a lot of ways. But what do you do with the medals? Apparently at our house you hang them on an oar so they can be displayed.

I took the oar and gave it a quick coat of Rust-Oleum Primer and then Rust-Oleum Heirloom White Satin. That was my base...yep, my base for a lot of things! Next I took some navy acrylic paint and used it to add some character. I taped off two small stripes with painters tape and dabbed on the paint with a foam brush. I did a couple of coats to get the navy to look more true to its color in the bottle. I used some foam letter stamps to stamp her initials on the oar in the same navy paint.

I think it is pretty cute. Classic, but fun.

Next I took some twine and wrapped it around the handle for a little bit more detail. I secured it to the oar with a dab of glue from my hot glue gun. So easy, but just a little bit more detail.

My son wants one now too, but I think we are actually going to make a different one for him from a piece of an oar he found at the beach. He just got his first medal from football. His coach told them at their end of the season party that they could proudly say they had a "Perfect Record." Unfortunately for them it was a perfect record that did not involve winning...poor guys. My guy was VERY aware that there were no wins. However, he played hard and learned a lot. What more can you ask for?

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