Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trash to Treasure Patio Furniture

This is one of those projects that makes you feel like the world's WORST blogger. I know I took pictures of these chairs. I know I did. I can't however find a single one of them. Not one.

This project started out with a phone call from my friend Kara, who had a wicker table she had picked up from a neighbor. She wanted to know if I would be interested in painting it. Me? Paint something? Of course! I have a neighbor how walked by yesterday and wanted to know if there was possibly anything left for me to paint. Yep...I paint A LOT.

The little table sat in my front yard for one day, before I got another call. One day!

This call was from my friend Tandee. She had just found 4 wicker chairs that a neighbor was throwing out and she wanted to know if I wanted 2 of them. I figured they had to be in pretty decent shape for her to be so excited about them...and I knew I had a wicker table in my yard already...

The table started out pink...and not a cool hot pink. The chairs were originally a dark stained brown that had faded from the sun. REALLY faded. And despite being a terrible blogger and not having my pictures, I have pictures for you.

Huh? Remember the great friend Tandee? She has the other two chairs at her house and promised not to paint them until I could get some pics for my blog. So I ran right over this afternoon to get some quick shots.

These chairs have definitely seen better days. However, the structure was solid and they just needed some cosmetic work. I decided to snip off all of the unraveling wicker and leave the legs more streamlined. This also gave me wicker to use to repair other areas like these arms...

Yikes! I glued pieces of wicker across the areas that were missing them. Once it was painted, I was assuming you wouldn't be able to tell it was patched. Then I gave them each a good spray of Rust-Oleum gray Primer, followed by a coat of Rust-Oleum Dual Coverage Glossy Black. Just look...

Would you ever have thought they had all been pieces salvaged from the trash?? A couple cans of spray paint and a $30 pack of cushions from Home Goods...they look like a million bucks!

Do you know how awesome it is to have friends who look out for your crafting needs? Seriously, those are some GREAT friends! Thanks Kara and Tandee!!


  1. Fabulous design Modern Furniture .Beautiful color.Love this design.It make our homes beautiful and stylish.

  2. Those look really good!
    It is great to have friends like you have.


  3. Great Friends, Great Finds, Awesome Re-Do !!

  4. Lovely- great job!

  5. Really good! I found some wicker the other day at goodwill and didn't buy them. I'm still kicking myself!

  6. wow ! I love these designs they are amazing :) Especially the black color.They look perfect in my garden.

  7. wow ! I love these designs they are amazing :) Especially the black color.They look perfect in my garden.



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