Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Memorial Day!! Memorial Day around here is definitely the official kick off to Summer! It's not like the East Coast where you finally get to go swimming. Nope, we can do that all year round! My kids take swimming lessons outside in December!

We do find a SERIOUS increase in beach traffic, so Memorial Day is our official time to start riding our bikes EVERYWHERE. It is much easier to ride your bike than to find a place to park on most days. Oh, the joy of living in such a beautiful beach town.

Memorial Day our main street is lined with flags. Full sized American Flags line our street from dawn till dusk to pay tribute to those who have given their lives for our freedom. It is a moving and beautiful tribute.

Memorial Day weekend is the start of our Summer Concerts in the park. Nothing says Summer more than Spreckles Park overflowing with families out for a Sunday picnic dinner. You would not believe how fancy you can make a picnic!

Look at this ADORABLE treat that I must make...

Snowcone Cupcakes

Oh I love you! What says Summer more than a red, white and blue snow cone? How about a snow cone inspired cupcake! Yeah, those tiny, adorable treats are cupcakes! They even follow through with the color on the inside!

Snowcone Cupcake

I've seen plenty of multi colored cakes, but never vertically. Yep, those are vertical colored stripes! Head on over and take a look at how Bakerella created these cuties! It is pure baking genius if you ask me!


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  2. Discovered this site kind of late and am really enjoying it. Hope you are all doing well, and missing those updates!


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