Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week: Teachers Frame

One of my favorite things to use for children's crafts are the blank wood frames from Michaels. I'm sure you have all seen them. $1 for an art project is a pretty good price. Not to mention...this weekend there is a 25% off coupon for your entire purchase. Your WHOLE purchase...even sale prices! This would be a great time to use a frame for a class project...they will be only 75 cents a kid! Just think what cute Mother's Day frames they could make!

These were frames we made with a small groups of kids for our "Specials" Teachers. Instead of painting the frames and waiting for them to dry, we glued cardstock onto the front of the frame. An adult helped trim off the excess paper with an exacto knife.

Next, the kids used some sand paper to rough of the edges a bit. This gives it a much more finished look. I would have loved to have it sanded more, but this was their project. I left my controlling hands out of it!

The kids glued the Teacher's initial to one edge and tied a piece of ribbon to the other side. Simple details, but they were really cute. I cut the initials out with my Cricut, but they could easily be done with stickers or by hand. Look how they turned out...

I love the embossed dots on this cardstock! It gives it such a pretty extra detail. The other special detail...look closely inside the frame...

I copied a the definition of each Teacher's class from a dictionary. This one was for our Art Teacher. If they wanted to use it as a frame they could, or it could be used as a display piece just as it was. Just think how easy it would be to translate this project to a Mother's Day gift...simple but adorable.

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