Friday, May 25, 2012

SMART is BEAUTIFUL! End of the Year Party!

On the last day of school in 1st Grade we had a party at our house after school. Not a birthday party...a girly last day of school party...a "Smart is Beautiful" party!

This would be a great party to throw at the beginning of the year too, a way to get to know the new kids in class. I know however, that my intentions at the beginning of the year are good, but we are SO busy! So my "Back to School" party ideas became a great way to finish off the year.

We started with a theme of apples, pencils, chalkboards...all things old school. That led us to our color pallet of red and apple green, which is where our party really took off. I love planning with a color pallet in mind because you never know where it could lead you. A color pallet leaves you with a lot of room for interpretation of your theme.

I had a pack of cardboard letter diecuts that had sat in my craft stuff for years...which provided really cute "ABC" details. Look at the tree...

They already had grommets in them, so it was simple to hang them from the branches with invisible thread. Look closely at the tree and you can catch a few of them floating in the air. I pulled out the letters needed to spell "Second" and attached them to the tree trunk. We needed to celebrate our new Second Graders!!

With "Second" on the trunk, the tree turned out to be the PERFECT photo spot for our Super Smart Second Graders!

We didn't want to have all of the snacks be sugary, so we started out with some "2" Sandwiches.

My friend Kerenza is the absolute best sidekick for a crazy party planning person like myself! She can take any theme and completely run with it...all the great treat ideas that float around in my head, but I never actually get to...she makes them all!! Just look at these adorable chalkboard cupcakes...

And she gave me my first lesson on how to make Cake Pops...

How stinking cute are these apples?? If you have never had Cake Pops...I mean the real ones from Bakerella, you should take some time to try making a batch this summer. They are AMAZING!! She makes some ridiculously beautiful ones, but even if your kids make them...they may not be so pretty, but they are simple and they sure taste GREAT!

I wanted our "Goody Bags" to be something useable...something fun. I found plain red canvas totes at Michaels for $1 and added an apple green "2" to the front. I figured the girls could use them over the summer for checking out library books or taking stuff to the beach. It was the same price as a paper bag, but much more useable!

Each girl also got to decorate a pair of apple green flip flops. Who doesn't need a new pair of flip flops to start off the summer? I found these at Walmart for less than $2 a pair.

I found these glasses at Party City in the favor section...

You would not believe how CUTE CUTE CUTE the pictures are of them all in their glasses! If you are going to show how smart you are, you definitely could use a pair of new glasses. And at 10 cents can't beat the price!

Each of the girls took time to write a note to another girl about why they were a good friend. It was sweet. Then they drew a picture of themselves for us to display on our art easel...

It was precious to see their work...

It was a really great way to finish out the year! They went from First Graders to official Second Graders. It was a fabulous way to start the summer!

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  1. How fun! And very creative!! Love the #2 sandwiches!

  2. I love this celebration! Smart IS beautiful, and I think it is wonderful to start instilling that in these girls minds from the get-go. I'm going to teach 2nd grade next year (I've been a SAHM for two years and have to go back) and these sweet little girls just bless my heart and make me excited for the opportunity I have coming next year! Happy summer, smart second graders!

  3. Krista-

    Hi! I used to teach 2nd is such a sweet age! They still ADORE their teacher, but are old enough to be able to do so many things on their own.

    I think it is important for girls to know that they don't have to "play dumb." I know girls who felt this was the way to be popular or gain the boys attention. Be who you are and stand on your own two feet! Smart really is beautiful!

    Enjoy your summer and your new adventures in 2nd Grade next year!



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