Monday, May 7, 2012

It's A Great White Shark!!!

This week I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! It feels like we were constantly running from one obligation to another. It is always like that as the school year comes to a close. On top of all the running around, my little guy had his first big school project to complete. Our home has been invaded by a Great White Shark!

I think it is the best Great White Shark Project ever! For sure the best by a Kindergartner! He came up with the plans on his own. From start to finish he knew what he wanted to do and I was happy to let him do it.

He knew he wanted to make the shark out of clay. Being the fabulous Mom that I am, I bought the clay...and said "Here's your clay." Yep...that is it. Honestly, it was good I kept my hands off. His sharks were so cool! Much better than I would have done.

And look what is hidden on top of the back rock, covered by sand...a stingray. The stingray and the hammerhead are part of the Great White's food source that he chose to include.

Of course he insisted that the shark be swimming in the middle of the box. Right. No problem! So the typing and the hanging of the shark were where Mom came in. Although in the process, his tail fin broke off. I told you it was better out of my hands! We had to make a patch repair, which is ok, but it was much cuter before.

Look how proud he is of his work...

This has the most interesting information. We watched a show recently about a group on a whale watching boat that saw an Orca attack a Great White Shark...and the Orca was the predator. He thought this was the COOLEST thing ever!

I would like to think the reports are done for the year at our house, but my daughter has one due next week. Oh, the joy of getting to Summer Vacation!

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