Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Altered Charger Plates

Last week I was helping set up for a Mother's Day Tea. There isn't much I like more than planning a party...Birthday, Christmas, Tea Party...any kind of party will do. It gets my creative juices flowing. Something that makes me feel like...me.

When I saw these chargers online at Michaels for 99 cents, I knew they would be PERFECT.

Remember, I said WOULD be perfect. They certainly weren't perfect at this point. I can't think of too many situations where you would want a shiny teal charger. I am sure it is perfect for something, but probably not any party I will be hosting. So what do I do when I like the idea of something, but not the actual product? I spray paint it of course! Yep...I spray painted my new chargers!

I gave each of them a coat of gray primer...

Look how pretty they look even in the gray! Next I gave them a coat of black. I would've preferred to paint them with chalkboard paint, but I was out. I can imagine how adorable it would be to write messages along the edges! I will definitely be repainting these cuties with chalkboard paint!

Even without the chalkboard paint, I adore the way these turned out!

I love the way the chargers bring the paint around the rest of the table, not just on the table runner. No one ever guessed these were spray paint beauties!

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