Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dollar Store Christmas

I am going to be honest...I am proud of how great this looks, but part of me doesn't want to post it. It is so pretty and classic...I'm not sure I want all my neighbors to know they can get the look too for just $1 an ornament! Just look what my daughter and I did tonight:

You can't see how great it is until you see it in real life, but the close up pictures are pretty good too. Come take a closer look.

My kids really wanted lights outside for the past two years. Our house is quite small and I have a tall ladder. But when I went to put them up along the roof line last year...I realized our house is a lot taller than I thought. So this year I decided to compromise. I would light up the fence. And guess made their day! They didn't need a house all outlined in lights. As far as they know...they have Christmas lights. Kids are great like that!

I bought two strands of lights from Target. The are pretty big round lights, sold in the garden area. They aren't Christmas lights technically, and I think they are much nicer than the Christmas lights they were selling. We even had a woman stop in her car as she was driving to ask where we had bought such great lights. She said we had great style. Oh yeah, we only shop at the very best Target in town. I didn't know how to spell it differently, but in my mind I just said Target in an oh so fancy, posh way.

And even more expensive than my Target lights are the Dollar Store snowflakes. They are more than a foot across. They are huge! That is what I liked...big impact for very little money. My original thought was to paint them and possibly glitter them...but they are actually quite beautiful just the way they are. We hung them with fishing line, so it looks like they are floating.

They sparkle in the lights as if they were really made of ice. It is beautiful. Beautiful for the eyes and the pocketbook!

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