Thursday, December 1, 2011

Art Caddy

I found this beauty at a Thrift Store a few weeks ago:

Did you just suppress your gag reflex? I know, I is not so pretty. Does it help that the price tag says $5.95? Not a bad deal. What if I told you it was half off? Less than $3.00...does it intrigue you now?

No? Think pretty, creamy white. Think, art caddy. It is a perfect container for a little artist to drag around art supplies and pads of paper. The ends are hinged containers...perfect to hold crayons, scissors, glue...anything a little artist needs.

Are you thinking, MAYBE...

What about now?

I don't know about you, but I LOVE it. LOOOOOVE it! It is so simple and sweet and girly.

It was also an easy project. I took my power sander to it to smooth down the hand painted flowers. Next, I blasted the whole piece with a coat of RustOleum Double Coat Primer, followed by a coat of RustOleum Heritage White Satin. I roughed up a few of the edges just a bit with my power sander. Just enough so it doesn't look like some crazy lady just went and blasted the whole thing with spray paint. Of course I did, but taking off some of the "newness" takes away from it looking like that was what happened. Since I will have this out at the Artisan's Alley Craft Fair this weekend, I stamped crowns on it with Staz On Jet Black Ink. (Crowns are the logo of Coronado where the Craft Fair will be held.)

Now I just have to find a way to get this out of my house before my own little Artist gets her hands on it!

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