Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coastal Christmas: Fireplace Design

Yesterday I showed you my Coastal Christmas front door decorations. Today I decorated the fireplace with the same idea, but a bit more color. This is how my fireplace started:

Not very festive to say the least. I started sprucing things up by adding some fresh garland from Home Depot ($5 for 15 feet).

I screwed an eye hook into the corner of each end of my bricks. I made a loop from the wire that holds the garland together and slipped it onto my eye hook. I did this on each corner to hang my greenery...simple.

See all the extra greenery on the right side? I clipped it off and will use it for another project.

I added burlap ribbon just like I did on the front door.

These "shatterproof" bulbs are what started our Coastal Christmas theme. They are a pretty good match to the curtains in my dinning room, so everything is flowing very cohesively. The bulbs came from this fancy little shop called WalMart. Ok, not so fancy, but I loved the color and they were only $4.97 for a box of 8. Nice color, nice price...I couldn't resist.

I didn't want to see little ornament hangers. I wanted it to look more natural, so I tied the balls on with twine.

When I pulled the twine tight, it brought the ornaments up close for a nice, snug fit. I love the roughness of the burlap and twine with the sparkle of the ornaments.

It's looking pretty good...

Then I remembered some glass buoys that I had tucked away from our summer decorations. They were already wrapped with twine, so they fit in nicely. I tied them on where I had a glitter ball, again mixing a more rough element with a fancy one.

My plan was to tie on pencil starfish like I had done outside, but I didn't have anymore on hand. I will be buying some from a friend, but I couldn't reach her. I was on a decorating roll and wanted to get this done! I pulled out some knotty starfish to see what it would look like...I LOVE IT! Loooooove it! So I simply tied the starfish onto the garland with twine.

I love the chunkiness of these starfish. It makes a greater statement than the pencil ones. I might need to use both on my Christmas tree.

To finish it off, I made a few more sand dollar "ornaments" like I did for the front door design and tied them on.

My daughter was impressed when she got home from school. That's when I know I did a good job...when I get the stamp of approval from my little artist.

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